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The minimum withdrawal amount is:

  • 1$ / fiat currencies
  • 5$ / cryptocurrencies

No matter how futuristic it may sound, we all rely on robots in our daily life, they surround us everywhere and make our life more comfortable.

And these are not only robotic vacuum cleaners, which is the first thing that comes to mind, but there are also many other devices, appliances and whole complexes that prepare food for us, manufacture cars for us, saving humanity a huge amount of time.

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03 About  robotiqs

In the era of new technologies and the rapid development of mankind, it is difficult to deny the fact that mankind is united in its striving to simplify its work and automate production at all its stages.

Boston Dynamics is a prime example of a company that has made a breakthrough in robotics and artificial intelligence.

Boston Dynamics robots are high-quality projects that demonstrate the state-of-the-art level of technology from various fields of technical devices, combined in a single device.

Already now, in large industries, more and more new automation systems are being introduced to simplify and accelerate the production rate and reduce the total cost of the manufactured range of product.

Most of them are manipulation robots, which are basically the core of conveyor production.

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Robotics is an applied science that includes such critical disciplines as electronics, mechanics, cybernetics, computer science and many others.

Technological advance and the active study of artificial intelligence bring us closer and closer to the creation of automated intelligent mobile systems with the ability to perform a huge range of tasks.